Who am I?

This is fun guessing game

How to Play

1. Create a conference call

Just pick whatver service works best for your party

2. Choose a category

Agree with other players what category/topic your names will be. The names can be people you know, celebrities, animals, cartoons, characters from a book, bands, historical figures, countries and ect...

3. Pick a name

Come up with a name of a thing, based in an agreed-upon category and write it on any player’s card. Anyone but this player can see what you wrote. The name can be changed by other players before the game starts

4. Start the game

Everybody should have a name to lock all words () and start the game. All players have the same order on their screens. So, just start from the first one

5. Ask and answer questions

When it’s your turn ask the questions to find out who you are. You can ask only “yes or no” questions and no more than 3 times per turn. If you got an answer “No” your turn is over no matter how many questions you asked. You can make notes if you’d like

If it’s not your turn, answer the other players’ questions the best of your knowledge. If their card name isn't familiar to you and you don't know the specific answer they're looking for, allow another player to give the answer, or tell the person who asked to choose another question

6. Have fun

Whoever guesses correctly gets the victory point. Your peers can come up with a new word to continue the game. Play as long as you like

The Who Am I game doesn't have any mandatory rules you need to follow. Feel free to customize the theme and rules to best suit the people you're with